Matthew 16 - Sign of Unbelief

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Today, we study the depths of unbelief within the hearts of those who refuse to follow Jesus as Savior. Even with all the miracles Jesus did, those who hated Him would not believe. Changed lives of millions upon millions of people since the Gospel has been preached is the greatest sign of the authenticity of Jesus Christ. We live in a time of great unbelief; people are despondent, hopeless, full of fear, and anger. There is only one Truth that can deliver the human race from the darkness of unbelief. False messages and teachings today that circumvent the Gospel of Christ have gotten people nowhere but to experience empty hearts and meaningless lives. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God, true doctrine is found in the scriptures, not in the tradition of men. May we as believers have hearts that are focused on sharing the Word of God with those who are in the deep waters of hopelessness. That they would encounter Jesus and find in Him everything they’ve been searching for. Peace of heart and meaningful direction of life that takes away guilt and brings the forgiveness and love of God in everyday life.