Matthew 28:1-20 - Christ Is Risen!

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This morning, we celebrate the glorious resurrection of Jesus from the dead, manifested by the empty tomb, and having over 500 eye witnesses of His physical body now alive. This event in human history signifies that God our Creator, has nothing but good things ahead for all who trust in Christ alone for the forgiveness of sin. Without the Resurrection, we would have no hope for anything beyond the grave. But because Christ conquered the curse of sin, and death upon the human race, each person can now be assured that because He lives, we also shall live for all eternity. The answers to life’s mystery of aging, sickness, and eventual death, has been answered through Christ’s death and Resurrection! We as Believers will also be resurrected to live in heaven forever with Christ and all those who went ahead of us. O death where is Thy sting and grave where is thy victory? Christ is Risen, Truly He has Risen!