Matthew 5:27-32 - We Are Lawbreakers

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Working through the Sermon On The Mount, we are face-to-face with the reality of how we all have personally broken God’s Holy Law. The fact that Jesus tells us that our motives and thoughts, aside from our actions, are recognized as breaking the law and are sinful. God gave us His Law to prevent us from destroying our lives and suffering the painful consequences of disobedience to His Word. Truly the wages of sin is death. Yet, as lawbreakers, we have all been given the opportunity to turn away from our sinful tendencies and follow Jesus’ way of living. The Lord has provided for all of us the way of restoration and reconciliation from having ruined lives. The Good News is the Gospel; that Christ died for our sins, and that we can be forgiven and cleansed from our sins and given a brand new life. Our prayer today for one another, is that knowing we have all crossed the line of sin, that we as a church community can live in the Grace, Mercy, Love, and forgiveness of Christ. Always helping one another to be restored by God’s grace, and realizing there is no sin that cannot be forgiven. Calvary Chapel is a place of restoration and reconciliation for sinners. A place where God does miracles in our lives, and makes us like Jesus. A place where all things are made new. Amen.