Zechariah 14 - The Day of the Lord

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Today we conclude this fascinating prophetic and timely study of Zechariah. When the pandemic began last March, we started streaming studies in the Book of Psalms to bring comfort. We were all very concerned about the potential of many lives being taken from COVID-19. Since the first news, we also began to realize, because of the many things occurring in the world, that God was using this crisis to speak to all of us about our priorities. We then were led to study the Book of Zechariah, that speaks of the first and second coming of Christ. We’ve learned about the Nation of Israel and how they had to be disciplined for their rebellion against God’s Laws. And we also have learned about the upcoming plan of God during the Tribulation that again will be used to turn Israel to Christ. We finish the book this morning with the view of Jesus’ Return to earth. When Christ will reign as King upon the earth!

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