November 28, 2020

Dear Calvary Family,

Three months ago we only knew a few people outside of our church community that were infected with Covid-19, but now we are seeing more people we know being diagnosed with the virus. Recently the numbers have significantly increased throughout the county.

We are now requiring, based on the latest legal update from the PA Department of Health, that all attendees wear masks or face shields. Signs will be posted on the entry doors just like other medical and retail establishments. Children ages 4 and above, without health issues, should also wear a mask. We also need to work together to appropriately social distance to minimize the potential spread.

Pennsylvania recently issued an order requiring the use of face coverings indoors. No formal exception has been issued regarding churches. God’s word instructs us to obey governmental authority. (See Romans 13:1-7, Titus 3:1, and 1 Peter 2:13 among others). Therefore, we, as a church, founded on the sanctity and infallibility of God’s word, are compelled to require everyone attending church services in person wear a face covering.

We all personally know people who have been diagnosed with Covid-19, and this includes people who attend Calvary. Those who have had potential exposure have self-quarantined for which we are thankful for. We as leaders are asking the body to help us protect one another so that we all do everything that we can to avoid the virus.

We understand that some cannot wear masks per doctors orders due to health issues. We will continue to sanitize and provide protection to all who enter the building. We are asking for you to prayerfully help us as leaders to do all we can to mitigate risks in the services. We are already wearing masks at work, when we shop or go to restaurants, and wearing a mask for 90 minutes at church is a very short time. Pastor Clarke has been wearing a mask for awhile now as he has an autoimmune condition that needs protected. There are others in the body we want to protect as well. Obviously, the teachers as they teach, and the worship team as they lead, are unable to wear a mask at those specific times. However, when we enter the building, during the service, and when we leave the building, we should have masks on.

We are grateful that we can meet to Worship the Lord together in person and online – it’s been a lifeline to all of us. The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever!

In Christ,

Pastor Clarke & The Elders

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