The roots of Calvary Chapel can be found in Costa Mesa, California. A non-denominational Christian church, Calvary Chapel was founded by Pastor Chuck Smith in 1965. It has been estimated that over 8,000 baptisms were performed in a two-year period at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in the mid-’70s. During that same period, Pastor Chuck Smith and his church were instrumental in bringing 20,000 conversions to the Christian faith. Chuck Smith has come to be known as a leading figure in what is today called “The Jesus Movement.”

Miles away from Costa Mesa, Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia was born in November 1981. Pastor Joe Focht started a Bible study with 20 people. God has abundantly blessed the teaching of His Word as this small Bible study group multiplied into hundreds and then into thousands.

Today, some 8,000 adults attend Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia, with over 400 children enrolled in our Sunday School ministry. In the same way that Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia was born out of Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, we have also been blessed to witness the birth of an additional 20 Calvary Chapel Fellowships throughout the Delaware Valley area. Home fellowships and additional Bible Study groups have also begun in our area with the potential of giving rise to their own “Calvary Chapels.”