Acts 15-16 - Ministry Relationship Fallout

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The end of Acts 15 is an uncomfortable section of scripture as it deals with division among brothers in Christ. Paul and Barnabas had become very close and had seen God work miracles to bring many to Christ. However, they had an argument because of different personalities and perspectives regarding who to take with them on future outreach. The argument was quite intense, and it separated them from being able to serve together, and as a result, they went different ways. This, unfortunately, happens in ministry and is always painful and discouraging. It also makes the Christian Faith appear hypocritical, as we are to be known as Christians by our love for one another. Fortunately, this division wasn’t permanent, and eventually, they were later reconciled to serve together again.

May we always look for ways to be reconciled for the cause of Christ. May we see each other as works in progress and give grace to one another as God grants us. Knowing we’re all flawed, God still desires to use each of us to accomplish His purposes. May we see our fractured relationships made whole again by humility through forgiveness, mercy, and grace.