Acts 17 - Challenging the Gospel

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Today’s message revolves around Paul and Silas encountering the new city’s ignorance of the Good News. Whenever there is an opportunity to share the Gospel with unbelievers, one will experience people who are open and ready to believe and receive Christ as Savior and Lord. However, you will also encounter people who will be resistant due to their experience of the unbelief of a Creator God. The Apostle’s modeled the way to reach people for Christ. Never prejudge people’s hearts or lack of interest, as the Gospel is a powerful living message that can transform hearts and minds making people lovers of God. Jesus commanded His followers to preach the Gospel to every living person; this is how people believe, by hearing the Word of God. Paul followed this command, and the results were many people believed, and new churches were planted in areas that never had a church. Let’s model this simple process and share with others the Good News.