Acts 19 - Faith & Conflict

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Whenever there is a dramatic change in people’s lives, it begins to impact the normal rhythm of life in all places. In Ephesus, as a result of the Bible study Paul led daily for over two years, people were beginning to change their former interests in idolatry. Instead of spending their money on superstitions and pagan occult trinkets, the new Christians were spreading the Gospel everywhere. This was now impacting the commerce of those who made their living by selling things related to the Temple of Diana. As a result, the anger began to increase, and legal action was being sought to stop the economy from being weakened by the new movement called “The Way.” This was a sign of persecution that the believers had to now be prepared to face.

What’s the cost today to follow Jesus? It’s beginning to require boldness and perseverance to stand for Christ and His church amid a world that is not following His ways. May we receive Grace and Love to live for the Truth that the world may turn to Jesus and His ways.