Acts 19 - Miracles & Riots

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The Apostle Paul began a Bible training center in Ephesus where he taught people The Way of Christ. Lives were transformed because of the power of the Holy Spirit transforming lives freeing people from the destructive influences of sin. The Word of God was changing the lives of many people who were forsaking the pagan idolatrous lifestyle of the city of Ephesus. In the midst of this Paul was experiencing the miraculous move of God in and through his ministry and life. The miracles were causing many to flee the sales and marketing businesses of occult literature and the manufacturing of idols. As a result, those who were making their living from glorifying evil were angry because believers were turning from the superstition and deception of purveyors of evil and satanic objects. This presented riots in the streets that were neutralized by the miracles God was pouring out in the city. The forces of darkness cannot deter the move of God. God still does miracles every time the Gospel is proclaimed, it sets captives free!