Acts 19 - The School of Ministry

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In this chapter, the Apostle Paul begins a School of Ministry to disciple the new believers in Ephesus. During his 3rd missionary journey, he stays in one town for a long time. In order to see Christian’s lives be transformed and become more like Jesus takes time, prayer, and study of the scriptures. We know the work of the Holy Spirit in daily living as He desires to work in and through us wherever we are each day. The local Bible church is not a place we attend for ritual or religious reasons but where God can get through to us to help us have a life worth living. Without the teaching of the Word of God, we all drift away from walking with the Lord and become spiritually dull. The study of doctrine, fellowship, prayer and the Lord’s Supper causes us to become grounded and live in the ways of God. This is what Paul modeled in this chapter.