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The Apostle Paul found himself in trials for proclaiming the Gospel. He was imprisoned and accused of things that were not true. He had to continually testify why he proclaimed that there is a Resurrection of the dead, that Jesus died and rose again. The unbelief of the Jewish leaders and their hatred of The Way ( what people called the Christian movement ) was a constant obstacle to Paul as he began to move toward the end of his ministry. In those days like today, there is resistance to Biblical History and Truth regarding the destiny of people when they eventually die. God has given us His Word so we might know Truth regarding His marvelous plan of Everlasting Life for all who believe in Jesus as the Savior of our sins. There is an enemy, Satan, that works to silence the Gospel but has never been able to prevent its message from liberating hearts from sin and unbelief. That’s why Paul lived daily to proclaim Christ and why we as well endeavor to tell others about Jesus.