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The World stage is being set for the timing of a World Leader who has the ability to unite the Nations. Deceptions of the masses is growing so they will believe the lie that this leader can bring paradise upon the earth. He will be seen as a master statesman, who has the leadership to bring world prosperity, one religion, a simplified one world banking system, and the elimination of Christ’s teaching and followers. Yet in the midst of the deceptions the Antichrist will show his true agenda mid way through the Great Tribulation. The evil, hatred of the Antichrist and the beginnings of God’s judgements will be poured out upon all the earth in preparation for the Return of Christ., Today we will study the plan and deceptions of Antichrist that we will be able to warn unbelievers of the terror that will one day come upon all the earth. And also the way they can escape the wrath of God.

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