Luke 24:13-35 - On The Road With Jesus

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I love this account of Jesus showing up unexpectedly on the road after His Resurrection with two of His followers. As they were walking among reviewing the events of the death of Jesus, Jesus catches up with them and asked them what were they discussing. Little did they know or realize that the one that was questioning them was actually Jesus. They were astonished that the one who began to walk with them knew nothing about what they were discussing, the events of Jesus’ final hours. Jesus listened, spent some time with them, and eLuke 24:13-35 – On The Road With Jesusventually revealed himself to them as the Risen Savior. As we study this passage we can reflect upon all we know regarding Jesus and His Mission and at the same time realize how little we actually know about the Ways of The Spirit. May we come to understand that as we walk down the road of life Jesus is interested in walking with us to reveal more of Himself to us. Christ has Risen, Truly He has Risen!!!