Matthew 1:1-25 - Christ Born Of Mary

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The Miraculous Virgin Birth is one of the key elements of Christ being born fully God and fully man. The Incarnation, God the Son, becoming fully human so He could reconcile us as sinners to to The Father. Christ had to be born apart from the seed of man as sin came forth through the man, Adam. If Christ was a descendant of Adam, it would not be possible for Him to be our Savior from sin. As in Adam through his one life, sin entered into the world, and all have sinned, Romans 5:12. Christ had to be born as a human through the supernatural means of the virgin birth. For He will save His people from their sins. This Christmas Season is unlike any we have ever encountered as we know more than ever everybody needs Jesus. Don’t grow weary regarding telling the message of the Gospel. There are people prepared by God The Holy Spirit to believe after they hear what God’s love has done for them. May we bring Jesus to those who are seeking.