Matthew 16:15-17:8 - Who Do You Say I Am?

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Last week, we ended with the declaration that Peter made to Jesus that He is The Christ, The Son of The Living God. Jesus told Peter that the only way he would know this was by direct revelation from God. We are all confronted daily with the Truth that Jesus is Lord of all, yet we live at times as though He isn’t. For us, like Peter, we have to experience daily encounters with the Truth given to us by the Spirit of God through the Word of God. Christ becomes to us not just Savior, but Lord, as we have a relationship with Him. We learn to live in ways that reflect Christ’s Lordship by humbling ourselves in daily living and yielding our will to His will as taught to us from His very teachings found in today’s Gospel reading. We will see and learn things today regarding the power and authority manifest in Christ’s interaction with Peter then with His Father witnessed by Peter, James, and John at The Transfiguration.