Matthew 19:16-30 - The Rich Young Ruler

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When one reads this section of scripture, we usually view this from our vantage point. The irony of Jesus Teaching is that it addresses all of us, not just the Rich Young Ruler. We are all servants to a lender, we all have more stuff than we know what to do with, and there are some resources we can’t fathom giving up. The main point of this teaching of Christ is that there is to be nothing in our hearts that supersedes our desire to follow Jesus. Yet if we are sincere in our evaluation of our hearts, we will find the source of what keeps us from entirely giving our life and will first to The Lord. Even the best Christian with the deepest desire to live for Christ conflicts with my will and God’s will. Perhaps we start with the essential things we struggle to place in the Lord’s hand – our time and money. These two areas of stewardship show God our heart. He can see what hinders our following Him. So today, we admit that we all have a ways to go regarding following Jesus completely.