Zechariah 10 - The Blessing of Restoration

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Sermon starts at 18:45 in the video…

In our studies of the book of Zechariah, we have been learning about the consequences of living for ourselves and what pride does to individuals and nations. The heartache of being set aside from God’s protection and provision are lessons the Bible teaches all of us, and He uses the history of the Nation of Israel to teach us in the present moment of our lives. As we become broken and realize our falling away from God’s perfect will, we see the things within our hearts that need repented of so we can be purified and cleansed. Pride, which always manifests itself in forms of idolatry, separates us from God. After we are disciplined and our hearts become contrite, God begins the process of restoration and blessing and establishing us again as His people. Today, chapter 10 of Zechariah details His mercy upon the Nation of Israel in history and the plan God has for the millennium.